Overpartied, Underpaid, Need Work, will take Photos for Money!

Posted on September 25, 2011


Well, again, I did not post when I said I would, surprise surprise I know. So, I left it ay my birthday, amazing day! I then went to Cyprus, that also, rocked my world!

The main point of this is because I am very poor at the moment! I party way to much, (champagne lifestyle, lemonade wages) and I am DESPERATE for some actually PAID photography work, and I have low motivation to actually find a job, when I am quite happy at the tree surgery, to the point where I think that after Christmas, I am going to save up for two months, and leave. Which will be absolutely gutting, because I like the job, and most of all, I work with my brother and one of my best friends. But I feel that otherwise I will never push myself to get a job because I have no need for one.

Anyway, I have made a little progression, the guys over at South West News Service have offered me a weeks work experience with them which I am going to look in to talking! Unfortunately I don’t have much drive to be a press photographer, but experience is experience and if it leads to a job then its worth a shot! I have also made use of my love for nightlife and singed up to a website called http://www.DontStayIn.com as a spotter, which is an unpaid photographer but I get in to some clubs for free and could also get one of my pictures featured in their magazine! I am desperate to get myself to the KoolFM birthday but I wont have the money, so I am going to try to get in to that as a spotter and hopefully get some good shots too!

If anyone has any advice on getting work within photography anything is appreciated!

Last time I posted I said I still had a picture from my work experience that I did not want to release, but now I think it is safe to do so! So for here is my picture of inventor Mark Champkins in the Science Museum in London, it is one of my favorite photos of mine, I love the background!

I’ll try to post more often, promise!