And you all Thought my Fingers fell off!

Posted on August 11, 2011


Well, I suppose I owe my -6> readers an apology! I am terribly sorry for the neglect I have show the blog for the past months, but I have been very, VERY busy!


Something cool on the side of a ruin in Spain!

So, I believe I left this with me going away to Spain with my girlfriend, and parents! It was lovely, I took my camera and took loads of photos and none came out amazing, on a photographic level. Although I did try a meter long German sausage, which blew my mind, and went to Benidorm and a few other Spanish towns and cities, which is always good to see.

Then! I had my work experience! Yes! It was two weeks with the Daily Express, shadowing photographers and a couple days in the office. It was eye-opening to say the least, I had a real taste of what both a staff photographer and a freelance photographer does throughout their day. Which trust me, is a hell of a lot! It consisted of a lot of standing around waiting with a staff, or of showing up, getting in, and getting out with a freelancer. I managed to get a picture published! It was a photo of a girl from Selfridges at their Christmas store opening. As you can imagine I was ecstatic. And I also managed to take a photo that I am very pleased with, but, I’m not allowed to publish it before them. I also think I should mention a really cool photographer I met by the name of Daniel Lynch! He was taking some really good shots and gave me some really good genuine advice.

Me in pre sausage anticipation!

So, now. Now I’m keeping an eye out, I have been put through to a photo and news agency from my work experience, and have just applied for an assisting job with someone in London.

I feel I have rambled enough, it’s my birthday on Monday, 19! I’ve got a very heavy weekend planned for after that and then a holiday, so if I survive it all, I promise to post when or before I return! Also! Subcribe to my e-mail list, and you’ll be sent an e-mail when I do write that next post!

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Spain is full of construction work, and new buildings, as you can see here!