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Posted on June 29, 2011


Firstly, sorry for the neglect! Busy, busy, busy!

So, I finished college (finally) and I’m now in the big wide world, working with a tree surgery company until my work experience, which I don’t think i have mentioned? But i will nearer the time!

I just finished ordering my first set of 100 postcards to give out to people for work, I used the picture of Ron and George on the front, and then John and Dylan on the back with my email and mobile number. Only a hundred because I want to see how much I like them before i start ordering lots!

I am in need of photography work now so if you are interested in a shoot then give me an e-mail: louis_photography@live.co.uk

Or of course tweet me up or any of the other stuff!

Also, HD Fest: AMAZING! it was seriously good, I am trying to get myself in to be a photographer for it next year!!!!

I haven’t managed to shoot much lately, but I’m hoping to get some photography jobs rolling in soon and hopefully some of them will be involving dogs, and I still have a wicked shoot idea I’m trying to find the time to do! So sit tight!

Until next time!

HD Fest Pics (Adam Butterfield): http://on.fb.me/k8EL0Z

My DeviantArt: http://louisrumball.deviantart.com/

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