Jon and Dylan!

Posted on June 16, 2011


Wow. Well, for starters, the exhibition went really good! I had some really good feed back on my picture of Ron and George and even had a few people tell my lecturers it was their favorite from the exhibition. Egotastic I know.

Then came the afterparty/drinks, that was amazing, and I spent the next day unbelievably hungover, which I cured by going out and doing it again because one of my best friends Jonny got back from an 8 month trip to Australia! So as you can imagine I have spent the last two days hungover, an hour of that was in an I.T exam!

I also am going HD Fest tomorrow, uh oh.


But enough with being young, fun and drunk. As far as I know I have fully passed my BND Photography course! So its the big wide world for me now…

Now, picture time again. This is a picture of my girlfrineds friends Dad, his name is Jon, and this is his Shnauzer, Dylan. These two were a real pleasure to shoot! I shot this in Jon’s music study, which is an awesome backdrop but its a tiny room, and I had no softbox, so I ended up with a hotspot on the CD cases, but I personally dont find it too distracting. I think this is so far my favorite photo, I love the pose and the eye contact between them, and Dylan has such a characteristic face its hilarious.

Anyways, its on 400ISO Kodak Tri-X film shot on my Mamiya RB67 with a 50mm lens. I have now finished college and only have one backed up picture, but I think I may carry on shooting this series for a bit longer, im quite enjoying it, and I also have some amazing ideas for my next project!

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I’m working on a higher res version for my deviant art soon, I need to edit out dust from the scan.