Ron and George

Posted on June 8, 2011


My Uncle Ron and his beautiful alsatian, George

So, blog número 2!


This was the second picture I shot about three weeks ago. I think that this picture is much more interesting than the one of my Nan to look at. I like the way the dog looks a little bit menacing. I think I captured him in a different light and the dogs pose makes the picture more interesting and have more questions, something I want to do consistently in this series.


Its also only like 3 or so weeks until I will never, ever have to set foot in college again! Which means its only like a month or so until my work experience with the newspaper! Im so excited to start working, and having money, and taking photos without doing hours of writing afterwards.


I am still shooting for this series and still have another two pictures I want to put on here so  make sure you follow and leave me a comment!


If you want to check out a slightly better qualitly photo of Ron and George or any other of my pictures check out my DeviantArt: